Anonymous asked:
If you don't mind me asking, what were your stats(SATs & gpa)? I'm considering Duke but I don't think I have a high chance of getting in.

Hello, anonynon! 

Hmm, I had some hesitation in answering this question because… on one hand, it seems almost rude to dwarf me down to a set of numbers, and on the other hand, I know what you’re going through. I remember seeing posts like this back in the day, and I absolutely HATED those people who were like “numbers don’t matter! do your best! yipee yayy! you’ll be accepted wherever you belong!”

(That being said,

1. numbers do matter, but not THAT much 

2. you can do a lot more things that stand out on your application than get a 2400

3. I think the whole idea of “perfect school” is kinda bullshit. I didn’t feel an overwhelming sense of belonging when I stepped onto any campus. I mean, maybe that’s just my own indecision. I think that there are a lot of places that can be “perfect” for someone. It’s really what you make of it— plus, transferring shouldn’t be as taboo as it is.) 

Wait… what was I even talking about? I understand you only asked me for some numbers, but you caught me in a talkative mood. Plus, I haven’t been on tumblr in ages, and what better way to come back than a lengthy text post?

Okay, so my goal going into the SATs was to get 700+ on each section. I think if you’ve got that, you’re golden— a little less is fine as well. A lot of people I talked to at Duke had lower scores (obviously there were people with higher scores as well..) My breakdown: Writing- 710, Reading- 750, Math- 770 and I believe my GPA at the time was 4.17 (unweighted, but my school did things weirdly A+ were 4.33)… it consequently went down senior year…

So, anon, now that I’ve told you my life story, I just want to say that if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go to Duke (good choice) you should apply early decision. Duke loves people who love Duke, and they are accepting more and more people ED and less people regular (I was regular, by the way, but again, I’m indecisive.)

I’m obviously feeling very college-advice-wisdom-y today, so I will go on. I think the most important thing that I realized, was that an admissions officer is going to read your application and then she/he will have to basically sell you to a committee that will vote, so you want to give the admissions officer something to be able to say to the committee. Just remember that when you’re writing your essay— my admissions officer said that was her favorite part of my application, so it really does matter!

If this was just someone I know in real life trying to get my SATs and gpa out of me, FUCK YOU. If this anon never reads my full response, BOO YOU. Whatever, I thought about college admissions a lot, so it’s really just an aquifer of knowledge— actually a confined aquifer to be specific—waiting to be tapped…

(I kind of hate myself a lot for this post, but I’ve gone too far to delete at this point. yolo.) 




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